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Installation of power quality on-line monitoring device in Qinghai Power Grid

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       Power quality is an important indicator of power industry products, involving power generation, supply, use and other aspects. Excellent power quality can ensure the safe and economic operation of power grid and electrical equipment of users, and is of great significance to the normal production of all walks of life and the improvement of people's living standards.

        The power load of Qinghai power grid is becoming more and more complex and diversified. More and more nonlinear, impulsive, unbalanced and harmonic generating electrical equipment are connected to the power grid, which affect the power quality of Qinghai public power grid to varying degrees.

        The installation of power quality on-line monitoring device in Qinghai power grid is conducive to the analysis and treatment of complex accidents. In the past, for some unexplained accidents that may be caused by power quality, due to the time interval between relevant tests after the accident and the occurrence of the accident, the power grid parameters and harmonic conditions change during the test, and the test data can not truly reflect the environmental variables at the time of the accident, which makes it difficult to analyze the cause of the accident. However, the installation of power quality monitoring device solves this problem well.

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