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Our team offers you, the customer, over 90 years combined experience in design and manufacturing of leather clothing, accessories, customer service and marketing. Perfect Stitch is a small, family owned and operated business that began many years ago in the Dallas clothing market, working with fashion designers to bring their creations to reality. Over eleven years ago we moved our operation to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Today, while still meeting our long-time customers' needs, we have grown our internet based manufacturing and marketing arm, offering our designs and services to the world.

Over the years, our workmanship and dedication to providing customer satisfaction has allowed us to retain our original customer base and provided the foundation to grow and expand, utilizing the next generation of the family in this new and ever-changing market.

Our designs are original and unique "ONE OF A KIND" items. Each one combines the input of our customers' demands as well as our own creativity, allowing the wearer to be assured of a fashion statement that is theirs alone.

To compliment our own creations, we have also carefully selected items from some of our favorite designers and manufacturers to include in this site. Only products that incorporate peerless quality and unique design are offered.

Thank you for visiting our site and please enjoy shopping in the departments listed. Comments and requests are encouraged.

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